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They do not simply go elsewhere


Data on the suicide statistics from the Memorial Bridge in Augusta, ME was examined from 1960 through 2005. A safety fence was installed in 1984 and suicides from the site stopped. The number of suicides by jumps or falls elsewhere in the area remained unchanged, indicating that prospective jumpers from Memorial Bridge did not simply go elsewhere. (Pelletier, 2007)

People Simply Didn't

April 30, 2016

A British study found that overdose deaths of paracetamol, the active ingredient in Tylenol, dropped by 43 percent after legislation there shrunk over-the-counter packs to 16 pills.

When the government made it harder to overdose, people simply didn’t.

Do not simply go elsewhere

April 30, 2016

“...Studies show that when we put up a barrier fence on a bridge famous for suicides, the people who go there to jump do not go to another bridge. Bridge barriers lower the real, overall suicide rate. That is why we are finally putting up a barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge — as a chorus of experts in various fields explained, suicide barriers save lives. “


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Not On My Watch Friend! 


Be the catalyst that prevents a friend or loved one from death by suicide.

Look for the signs that your friend or loved one needs you to help them open up and talk about what they're experiencing.


Frequently, depressed and suicidal individuals lose their ability to think about their situation clearly.   Some might say they lack command of thier own self awareness.


That's why friends and loved ones are so important - because knowing the behaviors to look for, you will be able to prevent a suicide.  Suicide prevention is up to everyone of us and your willingness to be vigilant ask the hard and awkward questions may make the difference between life and death.


 Sudden, unexpected behaviors regarding any aspect of ones life that can or has the potential to cause them stress and or self doubt.  Examples School, work, college life, break ups, addition (gambling),  substance abuse,  sexual identity, Financial matters,  etc. 


Because of the shame and guilt that comes along with the pain they constantly feel, much effort is put into keeping their secret a secret from the whole world. 


Watch for avoidance of confrontational situations or making hard decisions, procrastination of important tasks and meeting deadlines late or not at all. 




In effort to prevent being a drain on a loved ones resources or convinced that they will be burdensome in some way,  they will isolate. 


The skies the limit of compelling excuses why they can't join you should be anticipated beforehand.  Further, and potentially quite helpful would be to prepare for 'NO' and  strategize  a 'YES".


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