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Mission Statement: To introduce and educate the public of the importance of removing access to lethal means to prevent scuicide and to facilitate the installation of a suicide deterrent on the San Diego Coronado Bay Bridge 


Rhonda Haiston

Vision Statement:  Not one more life...

In November 2014, three concerned citizens set out on a rainy evening to visit the Toll Plaza at the base of the  bridge:  After seeing for themselves where the one and only call box was located, and how hidden in plain sight it sat, they vowed to get the community involved in finding a long overdue solution to the bridge suicides.

Currently, our volunteer list is approximately 4,000 members strong and continues to grow stronger everyday.  

Many Government, Law Enforcement and Elected officials have been instrumental in moving this project forward.   Any and all efforts made by the collaborative have been 100% donated time and resources.

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