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Since 2001, the suicide rate in the United States has increased by 31% 



     "While it is a major milestone, getting the temporary barriers approved, we must not lose sight  of the fact  that our job (collaboratively) is not done yet.  This location will always hold an attraction to many with thoughts of suicide. Why?  Because the bridge is majestic and alluring and not everybody will seek the help they need.. so restricting access to this lethal method, will, I feel, always be necessary."

                      ~ Rhonda Haiston, Founder 6/9/2018

Somebody Loves Them

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August 2016: San Diego Port Commission wants to install a colorful LED lighting system on the on the bridge and market the city on an international scale.  Without a suicide barrier put in place simultaneously, this  will likely attract unwanted attention to the ledge.

Since 2011 San Diego has been experiencing an increase in suicide rates on the Coronado Bay Bridge.  Up 50% than seen in the fourteen preceeding years.

Zip Code of Origin' for victims was plotted on a county map and illustrated that the closer you live to the iconic structure, the more likely you are to use it as a way to attempt suicide.

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